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ted and unsustainable," he told Xinhua in an exclusive interview. The premier said efforts should be focus

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o 282 projects. Seven fo

ed on achieving a balanced development a▓mong primary, secondary and tertiary industries as well as among d

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ntists were given the In

ifferent regions. SEOUL, Dec.▓ 23 (Xinhua) -- South Korea has unveiled revised plans on developing the coun

  • Science and Technolo

    try's defen▓se science and technology from 2010 to 2024, according to the Ministry of National Defense. The revised blueprint has set improving technologies for high-tech weapons system as a mid-term goal and securing independent t

    gy Coope
  • ration Award for the

    echnology for it▓ as a long-term aim, the ministry said on Wednesday. Seoul's investment in research and development on national defense, which currently stands at 5.6 percent of the total military spending, will climb up to 7 perc

    ir c▓on

China's science and te

ent by 2012, and to 10 percent by 2020, a sharp rise compared to the original plan, according to

bal economic downtur

▓local media. South Korea, currently the world's 18th largest weapons selle▓r, also aims to inc

Premier, said,

rease its arms sales by 2024 to▓ become the 10th exporter, media reports said. The changes in pla

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ns, supposed to be made e▓very five years, came earlier than usual following the latest revision in 2007 due to policy changes on national defense under the Lee Myung-

wisdom, power and spirit, peopl

bak administration, which took office in February 2008, local media said.  

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    echnology are

    CAIRO, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- China and Africa look forward to deepening cooperation in various fields, especially science and technology, industry, ▓agriculture and environment

  • sion. The priz
    e winners are

    , said Egyptian and Chinese officials at a science and technology expo, which opened here on Thursday. In the opening ceremony of China Exhibition on Innovative Technologies

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    cated in their

    and Products in Egypt, Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research of Egypt, Dr. Hani Hillal, ▓said that his country reaffirms the support for scientifi

  • c and technological cooperation between China and Africa. "China exhibition is an important forum to know more about th▓e progress

    career. Let us le
  • arn from the▓ir persevera
  • China has reached in scientific and technological fields, and it is also an import▓ant forum for the convergence of scientists and re

    nce, devotion an
  • d teamwork spirit, be inno
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